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Principal's Welcome 2021-2022

Pitkin High School PTO is looking for new members…

The Role of the Local PTO
The role of the Pitkin High School PTO is to build strong working relationships among parents, teachers, and schools, in support of students.  This can include recruiting and coordinating volunteers, providing special recognition in award ceremonies or through other activities, organizing parent education events, planning teacher appreciation activities and much more.

How to Get Involved
Regardless of what your exact interest are, you can be certain that your participation will be welcomed in your schools parent-teacher organization.  PTO is not just for moms!  Many dads and grandparents play an active role as volunteers and take on leadership roles in the organization.

We will have our first meeting at Pitkin High School on October 5, 2021, at 3:45.  Someone will be waiting at the front door to direct you on where to go.

Hope to see you there!!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Belinda Thompson at 318.358.3121.


Membership forms were sent home with students.  You can also access it here:  PTO Membership Form

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Vision Statement
Pitkin High School is committed to educating and preparing every student for the challenge of tomorrow's world.

Mission Statement
Pitkin High School will provide an education that incorporates effective instruction that is rigorous and relevant which every student needs for academic and personal achievement  The school supports a positive climate where experiences and lessons provide for the personalized needs of students as they transition through school and into tomorrow's world. The school will establish an educational process within the school district that is a partnership which involves parents, educators, and the community. Through this partnership we will produce well-educated, character-oriented, and well-rounded individuals

At Pitkin High School, we believe:

•• Our school is focused on learning:  student learning, professional learning, and organizational learning.
•• All students can learn.  In order to challenge students to their full potential we must value, understand, and address differences in the way they learn.
•• Student learning increases when alignment is accomplished among rigorous and challenging content standards, high quality assessments, and effective teaching practices.
•• The focus of curriculum and teaching strategies should center on a deep understanding of concepts and usage of basic skills for all students.
•• Every student should have the opportunity to develop, learn and grow in a safe environment with quality materials available.
•• All children, when meaningfully engaged and motivated, are capable of learning at high levels.  High academic and behavioral expectations for all students will result in high achievement.
•• Students should be actively involved in their own learning and be expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.
•• Student learning must be frequently monitored and evaluated with focused and timely interventions occurring as needed.
•• Every child deserves highly competent and qualified teachers who use effective teaching strategies to teach the district's curriculum.  Ongoing, systematic and multi-level professional development is critical to improved education.
•• Educating our youth is a responsibility of the entire community carried out through a collaborative effort.  The primary goal of public education is to prepare all children to become a contributing member of an ever-changing multicultural and global society

Motto: Linking Learning to Life-- Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow